November 14, 2016

Burger Mixes, Crumbs & Spices

Fispak supply range of crumbs, spices and burger mixes to add texture, taste and visual impact to your products. From coarse spices to gluten free breadcrumbs, we supply a range of ingredients allowing you to add value to your product.

Indasia supply some of the most popular burger mixes into the Irish market.  The product mixes are superior in colour, taste and ease of use. Indasia also have produced three burger shape presses for the market place, which are called Steakette, Cutlet and Square.

Breadcrumb Standard F&F

This breadcrumb coating is an absolute must-have. As a standard seasoning it is suitable for many products and its convincing golden-yellow appearance and subtle flavour will enhance both your product and the counter display.

Breadcrumb Vario G.F.

Vario is a complement to the Standard breadcrumb , it is a mixture of yellow and orange breadcrumbs, enhanced by attractive colours of red and green peppers with a hint of onion.

Paradise Herb

A blend of six herbs for that extra zest for meats, salads, soups and sauces. A Mediterranean inspired, coarse, green blend, mild with leek, marjoram, thyme and rosemary.

Pustza (Decor France)

A herb and onion combination for meats, stews, salads and decoration. A coarse, green, richly coloured blend, mild with paprika snips, onions, celery and parsley.

Battermix G.F.

This product improves the adhesion of all Indasia crumbs to the meat you have selected and is very easy to use.

Minced Dekor

A mixture of peppercorns and mustard seeds with snips of paprika.

Ingredients in spoons