November 14, 2016



Fispak offer a full range of food grade clips suitable for every closing application for food casings and bags. These are compatible with all types of clipping equipment. All our clips are made from hardened aluminium resulting in a complete closure. In addition, clips can also be colour coded.

It is important to always use the correct clip size for your casing or bag. The clip should be large enough to comfortably contain all of the gathered casing when it is compressed and closed. The casing should always be fully held within the closed clip. As well as this, the closing pressure of the stamper should not be so high as to cause the clip to damage the casing, as this may cause leakage or bursting.

Loops are available on pre-clipped casings, produced to order as a part of our conversion services, for hanging, smoking and drying applications.

If you are not sure of your requirements – contact us and we can arrange samples suitable for your application.

Make Sure Your Clip Is Doing It’s Job Correctly!