November 14, 2016

Design & Printing

Design and Printing

We offer a wide range of design & printing possibilities and specialise in short runs of casings, bags and films.

We can help you build a design or corporate image from scratch and bring it through its various stages to approval, including preparing chromalins and approving printing at the press when required.  Our suppliers can print in Flexographic, Gravure or by the revolutionary, eco-friendly Aquagravure method.

Our casings and shrink sleeves are printed by the flexographic method using UV inks.  This process allows greater definition because the dots of colour are much finer.  The result shows in the excellent reproduction of images and small text.

Another advantage is first rate ink adhesion with high resistance to abrasion and marking. We work with the four colour process (CMYK) as well as spot colours.  Finishes are available in both matt and gloss, as well as metallic inks.  On labels, metallised gold and silver foil blocking is available. Precise print plate production, using the latest materials and techniques, assist us in offering a very high standard of image reproduction.


Four Colour Process:

This printing process reproduces colours by combining, cyan (blueish), magenta (reddish), yellow and black.

If you look at the result through a magnifying glass, you’ll see that the printed image consists of dots in these four colours. These dots are printed on top of each other, next to each other or just close to each other, depending on the end colour that is required.

For example; printing a blue dot over a yellow dot will give you green.  The closer the coloured dots are printed to each other, the darker that part of the image will appear.  When the dots are further apart that area of the image will appear lighter.


Spot Colours:

These are specially mixed inks, giving precise results.  There is a huge range of possibilities and the exact shade is usually defined according to set criteria such as the Pantone Matching System (PMS).

Spot colours can be used on their own or combined with the Four Colour Process where areas of a special colour are called for.

For design and printing enquiries, please contact us.