November 14, 2016


Vacuum Packing Machines


Tabletop Models


Stand Alone Models


Double Chamber Models

Vacuum packing has excellent benefits as a means of preserving and presenting food. There are two basic methods of vacuum packing – with or without using a vacuum chamber. The more efficient way is to use a VAMA chamber vacuum packer.

The product is packed into a vacuum bag and placed in the machine, with the open end of the bag over a heat sealing bar. The lid of the machine is closed and all air is removed from the chamber. A heat seal is then made on the bag and the chamber is flooded with air, leaving the sealed vacuum pack ready for storage or sale.

Some examples from the range are the entry level table top machine with a single front seal bar, the floor standing midi model with seal bars left and right and the higher production double chamber machine. All have built-in vacuum pumps. Just connect to a power source. The first two models may be either single or three phase.

Options are sealing with a cut-off wire and gas flushing.

Clipping Equipment

The full range of manual and pneumatic Lorenzo Barroso clipping equipment is also available. Suitable machinery can vary, depending on the process and application – please contact us to discuss your requirements.