November 14, 2016

Fibrous Casing

Fibrous is an especially strong casing comprised of a combination of a paper fleece reinforced by cellulose. This results in precise diameter control of the final filled calibre. Due to their high mechanical strength they are very suited to pressure filling and closing by stretch clipping.

Our fibrous casings are smoke permeable and suitable for cooked, tempered and dry cured products as well as portion forming. In addition, the fibrous can be pre-stuck to eliminate air pockets. Different levels of meat cling can be specified to suit particular applications, including Easi Peel which has no meat adhesion. Casings are available with inner and outer barrier coatings and in a range of colours and well as both standard and custom prints.

All casings are available in a variety of sizes, referred to usually by the nominal code or lay flat size. If you know the required stuffed diameter, we can arrange samples to suit.

Salami in Fibrous Casings