December 22, 2016


Lidding Films

Thin, high barrier lidding films are ideally suited for all types of ready-made trays, maintaining product freshness while optimising its shelf life.  Films can be produced for sealing to different substrates such as PE, PP, PS, PVC, PET and Aluminium.

Thermoformable Films

Our multi-layer film technology allows the production of an impressive range of structures for both forming and top web films.  Using technologically advanced resins and ultra modern equipment, our suppliers engineer thinner thermoformable webs with excellent transparency that offer an equivalent performance to thicker conventional materials.Of course, all options such as peel, reseal, master batch colours, antifog and UV protection can be included. Materials can also be supplied suitable for freezing and cooking.

Form Fill Seal Films

Whether fin or lap seal, our films run on all types of vertical and horizontal form fill seal equipment with great sealability.  Using a range of specifications, we offer tinted and printed films

Semi Rigid Films

APET films are produced to the highest quality standards. Available as mono films, laminated with PE or PE/EVOH, they ensure crystal clear packaging to display your product.  Foamed APET films are consumer and environment friendly! Foamed APET needs 25% less raw material. It runs perfectly on thermoform machines with less blade wear than harder films. Also available in many colours, it has a very pleasant soft feel for the customer.

Skin Films

Our medium and high barrier skin films contour perfectly to the product surface, enhancing its attractiveness with excellent shine and transparency.  The built in mechanical strength ensures the integrity of your pack from filling to opening by the consumer. Skin can seal to both mono materials and sealing layers such as PE. Printable in up to 10 colours. An easy-peel option is also available.

Peppers in Flow Wrap Films