November 14, 2016

Food Boards


Food Boards by Fispak can be used for the presentation of products such as:

  • Smoked Fish
  • Sliced Cooked and Cured Meats
  • Cheese
  • Chocolates and Confectionary

Our backing boards are produced to very tight specifications, resulting in products of exceptional quality, providing high standards of protection and eye appeal.  Besides providing attractive and protective packaging, our food boards also meet the strictest regulations concerning direct contact with foodstuffs and are subjected to rigorous bacteriological testing. This form of packaging is completely ecologically sound and also furnishes high barriers to moisture and fats.

Standard boards are gold/silver, sized at 170mm x 240mm, 340mm and 540mm with a range of 600 and 800 gsm. However other sizes and colours are available on request. 

We can also supply printed board, which can include anything from a list of ingredients, instructions for use and serving tips to razor sharp photographic reproduction. A range of compatible printed and plain vacuum bags are also available.