November 14, 2016


Marinades are combinations of herbs and spices in either an emulsion or oil base. They are normally applied to meat some hours before cooking or depending on the size and cut of the meat.

  • Marinades will tenderise meat, by breaking down the connective meat fibres.
  • They also bring flavour to the meat and, as it is more tender, cooking time will be faster.
  • Shelf life of fresh meat will be extended because bacterial activity will be slowed down.
  • Different marinades will also give an appetizing appearance and increase the value of the meat cuts.
  • Indasia has both emulsion and oil-fat based marinades.
  • Emulsion based marinades and some oil based come pre-mixed and ready to use.
  • Emulsion based marinades are made without any oil and are ideal to offer the customer as part of a low fat and cholesterol free diet.

Some of our best sellers include:

Beef with Marinades

Spanish Harbour

An old traditional Spanish favourite, this marinade has a garlic butter flavour with a lovely visual of paprika snips and paradise herb. Light but full of flavour, it is the perfect enhancement to a wide range of meat, poultry, fish and veg.

Argentinian Fire

A deep rustic colour with a mixture of original Argentinian spices. This marinade is inspired by flavours from the Pampas region of Argentina – hot and fiery. It is ready-to-use and, with a hot spicy flavour, ideal for all meats.

Piri Piri

A hot and spicy marinade with a fiery chilli finish and dark red colour. Paired with chicken this Portuguese classic is a consumer favourite, but it is also a traditional accompaniment for red meat and potatoes.

Pepper & Wild Garlic

A ready-to-use gloss marinade with flavours of pepper, wild garlic, paprika and onion.

Smokey Whiskey

This marinade combinines the intense Deep South flavours of wood smoke, whiskey and sweet spices. The strong flavours make this marinade the ideal compliment for meat and game.