November 14, 2016

Plastic Casings

We offer a range of custom plastic casings from Podanfol designed for shaping, cooking and presenting processed and cooked meat products.  For in-house production, we have products that meet varying productivity and yield demands.  For sausage that will be retailed in the casing we offer excellent design and printing solutions.  If your preference is to use labels, look no further than our label and sleeve pages.

We supply plastic casings in reel or shirred format, plain or printed and with or without date coding. If you are unsure of your requirements we would be happy to help.

Plastic Casings

Pecta Premium

A high shrink, high barrier, multilayer, general use casing for puddings, slicing hams, poultry as well as other meat products. Available in a variety of colours including tints with a lay-flat calibre range of 20 – 200 mm.

Pecta Ring Plastic Casings

Pecta Ring

In a range of sizes and colours, Pecta ring gives the traditional presentation expected from natural or collagen ring casing. The multilayer composition gives the added benefit of better shelf life and easy handling.  As with our other casings it can also be supplied shirred and printed with a best before date.

Plastic Casings

Pecta Mould

This multilayer casing is engineered to deliver a high shrink with low pressure. The soft and elastic barrier allows the products to fill and form into the corners of square, rectangular and other mould profiles. Also available in a variety of colours, with a calibre range of 75 – 200mm, Pecta Mould is ideal for cooked sausages and assorted formed meat products.

Plastic Casings

Pecta HD

Used for applications where a very high level of diameter control is needed.

Plastic Casings

Pecta Shape and Pecta Shape HS

A substitute to fibrous for certain applications.  Designed for moulding pieces of meat with a high resistance to tearing – the exact specification depends on the levels of strength and shrink required by each application.  The type of pre-sticking will also help determine the final product result as regards cook out and yield.


Victan XSE

A high barrier, multilayer casing with a calibre range of 25 – 200 mm, XSE is ideal for the hot filling of cheese  and other applications requiring a high calibre control. It is also suitable for cooked ham and some sausage types.

CMYK Paint in Tins

Printed Casings

Printed casings are available in up to 12 colours, produced with UV inks on modern Gallus presses. In addition, colour shades are monitored at every stage of the process to ensure that consistency and quality is maintained from order to order.

Precise, detailed reproduction is obtained by expert printers and dedicated technical staff using polymer printing plates as well as laser engraved sleeves.