November 14, 2016


Raffiné (rah-fin-nay) is the base product for assembling the stir fry. This is the basic marinade liquid: a mild oil, infused with spice extracts for the preparation of all kinds of meal solutions. A stir-fry mix needs to be oil based for cooking purposes. If an emulsion based mix is used, the water evaporates and the food burns. Raffiné also keeps the vegetables crisp and more presentable for a longer display time, after they are incorporated with the meat. Using an emulsion based marinade would make the vegetables limp and unappetizing.

It incorporates a slight herb note and works in a variety of ways to enhance the flavour and quality of the meats used. The usage rate is usually 30-50g/kg.

A first class marinade on its own, especially suitable for finely chopped meat, Raffiné can also be used with various Dekora seasonings to suit individual tastes.

Raffine in bowl

At A Glance…

  • Raffiné penetrates and tenderises the meat; this shortens the roasting and cooking time.
  • It prevents juice migration in meat, giving better eating quality.
  • When brushed on steaks and chops Raffiné offers the appearance of fresh cut product and lengthens the display time.
  • It inhibits bacteria growth and so extends shelf life.
  • It also stabilizes the fresh colour of meat for a longer display time.