November 14, 2016

Shrink Bags

Fispak Barrier Shrink Bags

VACUFOL are specialised producers  of EVOH-based barrier shrink bags all with high shrink and excellent puncture resistance. The high transparency and gloss mean that fresh red meats, cooked meats and cheeses are displayed to the effect.

The material has a great sealing capability and the bags may be overlapped in the seal area. We offer a range of materials, depending on your needs; VM45 is perfect for fresh red meats, processed and cooked meats, with some bone content or hard surfaces. CP60 is cookable material, available with or without meat cling, while still offering a great shrink. LG45, MG45 and HG45 are designed for cheese packing, ripening, and distribution. Specifically engineered to deal with the various types of gas that may be produced, they are used with a range of cheeses, from Cheddar through to Edam, Emmental and Gouda.

Sausages packed in shrink bags

Bag Formats and Colour Options:

In addition, the bags can be printed in up to 8 colours, adding your logo or design to the high transparency and gloss of the packed product.

Available formats for shrink bags
Colour options for printed shrink bags