December 22, 2016


Polypropylene Trays

For MAP packing, polypropylene trays are attractively ribbed for strength and lightness with an EVOH barrier layer.  Several lid sizes are available and, for fruit and vegetables, venting can be designed in.

They can also be supplied with a centred absorbent liner.  This is fixed in place by ultrasonic welding so there is no foreign matter in the tray and no damage to the liner.  Multi compartment options are available in a range of sizes. 

Applications include fresh and cooked meats, fish and shellfish, barbeque selection packs, vegetables and berries. A range of attractive colours is available alongside the more usual clear and black finishes. Polypropylene lids are also available. 

Uncovered trays filled with snow peas

Skin Pack Trays

For use with the applicable skin top web film on vacuum skin packing equipment giving improved shelf life, retaining marinades on the product and also reducing
drip loss.  Applications include fresh meat and fish, poultry, cooked meats