November 14, 2016

Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags are available to pack every type of food. From soft, thinly sliced ham, to products with rougher surfaces such as peppered mackerel, whole crab and other shellfish.  The film combinations are always specified to provide the optimum level of permeability and puncture resistance.

The basic vacuum bag range begins with high clarity 70 micron pa/pe co-extruded material. This rises to 150 micron for products that demand a greater degree of protection, or special recipes where particular requirements must be met. Cookable films provide the necessary temperature resistance for the required time period whether for pasteurisation, sterilising or retorting.

Materials are formatted for form-fill-seal and thermoform applications for all vacuum, MAP and cooking applications whether straightforward or more demanding. Our vacuum bags meet the highest demands for transparency, brilliance, aroma barriers and sealability, guaranteeing the shelf-life and presentation of the packaged products. High definition printing is also an option – see our Design & Printing page.

Standard sizes are held in stock and a range of other sizes are available to order.  Various options are available such as lock seal, peel open, peel reseal, hanging holes, easy open notches and guides. We also offer recloseable ziplocks, stand-up and shaped pouches, with a range of master batch pigments and metallised materials.


Mussels marinaded and packed in vacuum bags
Beef steaks packed in vacuum bags